30 round glass table. Pub table sets.


30 round glass table. Pub table sets.

30 Round Glass Table

30 round glass table

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  • from beginning to end; throughout; "It rains all year round on Skye"; "frigid weather the year around"

  • Alter (a number) to one less exact but more convenient for calculations

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Bowery Savings Bank Building

Bowery Savings Bank Building

East 42nd Street, Midtown Manhattan

The Bowery Savings Bank Building, designed by the distinguished architectural firm of York & Sawyer, was built in 1921-23, with an addition dating from 1931-33. This imposing structure marked the expansion of the bank. from its original headquarters at 130 Bowery to a convenient location adjacent to Grand Central Terminal and the growing midtown commercial district. For this valuable block-through site, the architects incorporated a monumental banking room into a eighteen-story office tower. The building was conceived in an academic Italian Romanesque style, drawing upon characteristics typical of the Emilian region, here adapted to a tall steel-framed building. A variety of arch forms, including the monumental entrance arch; polychromy; and a wealth of carved detail are among the building's distinguishing features. The overall design, while decorative, incorporates specific references to moral duty and was meant to encourage the thrifty. The Bowery Savings Bank Building remains in use as a bank (since 1991, Home Savings of America and in 1995 GreenPoint Bank) and an office building, admired for its architectural distinction and enhanced by its prominent location.

The Bowery Savings Bank building is an eighteen-story steel-framed structure clad in smoothly-dressed Ohio sandstone ashlar on the East 42nd Street facade, with pink granite columns and colonnettes, tile roof and copings, and verde marble spandrels.27 On the East 41st facade, above a sandstone first story, the building is of a matching buff face brick laid in Eng lish cross bond. The grade of both East 42nd and 41 st Streets slopes downward to the east; the building's water table of speckled granite makes allowance for this gradient of approximately three feet. York & Sawyer expressed the building's double functions -- office tower and monumental banking hall -- by superimposing the one above the other. It is this superimposition that receives emphasis in the design of the East 420d Street facade, while a narrow bay, to th e west of this central section, rises above the office tower's entrance to the seventeenth story. To the east of the banking room and office tower, the lower addition of 1931-33 gives the East 42nd Street facade an asymmetrical aspect.

Base of the banking room. The deeply-cut, arched East 42nd Street entrance to the banking room is the major element of the building's five-story base.

Archivolts. each carved in a different pattern (foliate, spiral, and chevron) articulate the arch's splayed intrados. The faces of alternating voussoirs carry carved allegorical representations. The mullions of the large plate glass window within the arch are of bronze. their cast surfaces enriched with ornament, though the fittings of the revolving doors below are of anodized metal. (Both the large window and the doors have been modified from the original design (see below). } The doors are approached by shallow steps lined by intricately cast and w rought bronze railings. Two bronze display cases flanking the doorway, their surfaces enriched with cast ornament, are fixed to the soffit.

Rounded-headed vitrines with carved drip mouldings and fitted with non-historic anodized metal frames flank the deep entrance. Two rose windows, containing pierced tracery of marble, flank the head of the great arch. A window arcade of four triple bays and five blind niches, supported upon engaged pink granite colonnettes, runs across the fifth story and defines the building's base. The oute r blind niches have pink granite pilasters. Extending out from the fifth story arcade's center niche is a bronze-based flagpole.

Tower above the banking room. A pier and span drel system of four double bays, an attenuated variation of the arcuated wall surface treatment characteristic of the Italian Romanesque style, articulates nine of the thirteen office tower stories.

An arcade bracketing the fifteenth and sixteenth stories and a row of round-headed windows on the seventeenth story complete the tower . The eigbteenth-story penthouse, capped with a low hipped roof of Cordova tiles, has four triple wind ows . The corbelled cornices (l4th and 17th floors) reinforce the architects' Italian Romanesque stylistic reference. The non-historic window sash have three horizontal fixed lights , one above and two below, over hoppers of two horizontal lights each.

Base of the office tower. The round??headed tower entrance is distinguished by its tympanum, a screen of stone carved in geometric patterns, and its carved surround.28 The drip molding springs from moucbettes. Above the office tower entrance, the paired third and round-headed fourth-story openings are combined in a two-story pier and spand rel motif - windows on the third story and iron grilles on the fourth; the recessed spandrels are of verde marble.

Upper stories of office tower Above the fifth-story window arcade, this narrow bay rises to the fourteen



Day 125
I know it's hard to say but it's a crying shame that I came all this way with so much to say, but all that came out was, "Happy Holiday," a home cooked meal and a nice warm bed, somebody to love, a place to lay my head. But I've got thirty days and I'm gonna make them count because I can't call it Christmas without someone to smile about. 30 Days-NeverShoutNever
I've set a goal.

I went to my aunt's today. For once, it wasn't a really large thing. It was reallly nice. Just my mom, dad, cousin, aunt, uncle, and uncle's mom. We had the traditional turkey, stuffing, corn, mashed potatoes, and added some of the extra Italian stuff because... really, do I need to explain why? I had 3 glasses of wine. I was actually starting to feel kinda.. woozy. So then we had the first round of dessert, basically nuts and cookies. Soo I got really tired, and I laid on the couch which is in the same room as the table, so I really didn't leave my family, and all I remember was waking up and realizing a half an hour had gone by... and then I ate more desserts and had a shot of espresso and I was ready to go...
Then I went to April's becauseee I wanted to see mah love before the end of the day...

So much for me not trying from now on, hah.

Good day :)


30 round glass table

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